Senin, 05 Desember 2011

Frosty December♥♥

it's early december..... GODDDDD i just cant even wait for christmas!
hello december, gladly you're here now! please be kind, please be our month
welcomeeee frosty december:)

Senin, 21 November 2011

glow eh?!

okay who's ready for a rave party? with your body, shirts and stuffs glowing in the dark?!

one of ma bro's ( Daud Nova Fembri Kusuma) had this 23rd birthday at November16th2011. and us, (me and nova's fellas) planned a big birthday bash for nova himself. so we got ourself a theme, place, games, A FAB'S MC; REXY and WIENDY, drinks; liquors(martell, chivas and jackd) ,beers, and of course 2 packs of UV'S BODY PAINTINGGG! :DD
so we worked our ass off for this party. for a month! can you believe it?! and last night was awesome!! totally awesome!

we had a bbqs, body painting with uv's paint, games, drinks, pool with balls and balloons, and of course MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG! phew! long night, tiring but um success event!

so here some picts from #PASSION DAWN GLOWING PARTY, hope yall like it! ;)<3

                                                                 Reza Aditya Putra Pieters

                                                                Reza, Jeanette and Jeffry

                                                                       Rexy's car stucks!

                                                Bang Reza before party preparation on his mohawk!

                                                               Nova, Reza, Julius and other.

                                                    the birthday cake!! WE<3YOU NOVA!

                                                       ALRITE! blow those candles brotha!

                                                                 Nova w/ his fake abs!! :D

                                                                Malika, Jeanette and Me ;)

                                                                   my plain white tee's :p

                                                                  Jeanette with bangYudhi

                                                                    Me and bang Yudhi ;)

                                                                      Jeffry Steady's

                                                           yep! it's me folks! @meiloritjandra ;)

                                                                       Rexy Putra Pieters

                                                             Indra, Malika, Jeanette and Me

                                                Indra, Malika, Jeanette, Me, Patrice andWien

                                                                         Malika and Wien!

how's the party folks? fun riteee? awesomee? INDEED!
 #PASSION DAWN GLOWING PARTY (Daud Nova Fembri Kusuma's 23rd Bash)
@deejaynoph @RexytoheP @RezaPieters @Jeffrysteady @indrraaaaaaa @meiloritjandra @jeanandiana @malikaaaaaaa @sissiiL @wien_tantono @yudhidrift @yohawilson <3

and thanks again, for my bro, Nova for the awesome party! love you brother<3 :) XOXO

Senin, 14 November 2011


when things that weve always expected aint work that way. the way that we wants. the way that supposed to be.
here i am sat there. cried. thinking me thinks. flashback things. things that happened, things that ive done, you did, and things that we booth knew would never happens. it breaks my heart.
i broke our promises, either you did.

We really did once had a time. A time when we really missed someone who used always had been there for us, and used be a part of our life. yes. it does feels sucks.
we knew this would happen. we barely knew it. we knew the consequences of the choices we've made.
but still, we still didnt had a chance to increase our self a power, a strong heart to accept all of those consequences.
            I lied to myself for a year. i kept convinced myself that im not that typed of girl that fell for that kind of guy. He's nothing, i mean he's way too far from my type of guy. But hey, love has spoken. Ha Ha. im in love.
Im in love for a boy that a year older than me. ive made all of those stupid mistakes. ive made tons of 'em. i kept let him down, and i felt stupid. i feel sorry.
            Regrets? yep. hate to admit it but yes i do regrets. Seriously, i cant help but thinking, why would i? what had i done for a year? how could i? i thought it was for the best for both of us. Not in a relationship untill booth of us were ready, ya know having ourself a god damn commitments. And you know what? we ended by hurts each other's heart. sick. totally.
and now, i know the feeling. the feeling that you used to had. the feeling that you used to hated. the feelings that once you had and cant get rid of it. i feel it. i can feel it now.
i love you dear. always had and always will.
i'll always remembered things that you did, i did, we booth did and didnt. things that made our heads's on edge, things that made us laughed till we booth cried. things that weve been through.

thankyou for everythings. thankyou for always been there for me. thankyou for being you ;)
thankyou for all youve gave to me.
i love you. if you seen my blog well ........ idk what to say, just see this ;)
ive never told you this right? so this is it. this is the way i tell you things that uve questioned it for a year.
i love you dutt ;) always have. Gbyou always dear. i wish nothing for the best, for you two. :):)

from February15th 2010-November 14th 2011.


Rabu, 09 November 2011

Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

dinner night.

it's dinner night! me and you, just us two<3. at Nanny's pavillion (Flavor Bliss-Alam Sutera).
i wore: cropped floral chiffon's tangtop, short highwaisted jeans, blue suede's flat and of course a red bag.
here some photos. check it out :)